If you are thinking of buying or selling a loft, townhome, or condominium, you have come to the right place. Learn more about some of Charlotte’s hottest multi-family communities below.

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1st Row Warehouse
1st Row Warehouse From the mid $100's
28th Row
28th Row From the $200's
1315 East Condominium
1315 East Condominium From the upper $100's
1500 Kenilworth
1500 Kenilworth From the $400's
230 South Tryon
230 South Tryon Call For Pricing
3030 South
3030 South From the $150's
4th Ward Square
4th Ward Square From the upper $100's
400 North Church
400 North Church From the $400's
416 Queens
416 Queens From the $200's
420 Queens
420 Queens From the $400's
626 North Graham
626 North Graham From the $100's
715 North Church
715 North Church From the $100's
The Abbott
The Abbott From the upper $200's
Adare Townhomes
Adare Townhomes From the $100's
Ashbrook Condos
Ashbrook Condos From the mid $100's
The Arlington
The Arlington Call for Pricing
Atherton Heights
Atherton Heights From the mid $200's
Avenue Condominiums
Avenue Condominiums From the $200's
Ballantyne Commons
Ballantyne Commons From the $200's
Berewick From the $100's
Beverly Crest Townhomes
Beverly Crest Townhomes From the $150's
The Block at Church Street
The Block at Church Street From the $300's
Boxwood From the $400's
Bradbury Hall
Bradbury Hall From the $300's
Brightwalk From the mid $200's
Burning Tree
Burning Tree From the $400's
Central 27 Condo
Central 27 Condo From the $100's
Chantilly on the Green
Chantilly on the Green From the $390's
Chapel Watch
Chapel Watch From the $400's
The Celadon Condos
The Celadon Condos $220,000 and Up
The Cherokee
The Cherokee Call For Pricing
Chipping Campden
Chipping Campden From the $900's
CityScape Towns
CityScape Towns 2 homes remain $415,000
Courtside From the $200's
The Croydon
The Croydon From the upper $700's
My Dilworth For Rent Homes
My Dilworth For Rent Homes From the $390's
My Dilworth Single Family Homes
My Dilworth Single Family Homes From the $390's
My Dilworth
My Dilworth From the $390's
My Dilworth Condos And Townhomes
My Dilworth Condos And Townhomes From the $390's
Dilworth Crescent
Dilworth Crescent From the $500's
Dilworth Heights
Dilworth Heights From the $300's
Dilworth Walk
Dilworth Walk From the $190's
Elizabeth Village Condos
Elizabeth Village Condos $200,000 and Up
Fifth and Poplar
Fifth and Poplar From the $200's
First Ward Garden District
First Ward Garden District $124,173-$560,000
The Gallery Lofts
The Gallery Lofts From the $200's
The Garrison at Graham
The Garrison at Graham $300,000 and Up
Gateway Lofts
Gateway Lofts From the $190's
Gateway Plaza
Gateway Plaza From the Mid $100's
Greenleaf Terrace
Greenleaf Terrace One home left $649,900
Grandin Heights
Grandin Heights From the Upper $400's
Hawthorne Bridge Condos
Hawthorne Bridge Condos $160,000 and Up
Helix SouthEnd
Helix SouthEnd From the $300's
Hillside East & West
Hillside East & West From the $300's
Iveys Townhomes
Iveys Townhomes $350,000 and Up
Jefferson Square
Jefferson Square From the $300's
Latta Pavilion
Latta Pavilion From the upper $100's
Legacy Village
Legacy Village From the $100's
Lela Court
Lela Court From the $200's
Lions Gate
Lions Gate
Lofts34 From the $100's
Lumina From the $400's
Luxity Terraces
Luxity Terraces From the $580's
Meeting Hall
Meeting Hall From the $500's
Metropolitan From the $200's
Midwood Meadows
Midwood Meadows From the $100's
Morrison Condos and Lofts
Morrison Condos and Lofts From the mid $150's
Myers Park Terraces
Myers Park Terraces From the upper $500's
New Park West
New Park West From the $300's
NoDa18 From the mid $100's
Northampton Place
Northampton Place From the $400's
Oak Hill Village
Oak Hill Village From the $100's
Oakleaf From the Mid $200's
The Oakley
The Oakley From the mid $200's
Oakmore From the upper $100's
Olde Georgetowne
Olde Georgetowne From the $150's
Olmsted Park
Olmsted Park From the $200's
Ordermore 8
Ordermore 8 From the upper $300's
Park Avenue Condos
Park Avenue Condos From the $100's
Park Plaza
Park Plaza From the mid $200's
Park South Station
Park South Station From the $200's
Park View
Park View From the $200's
Park West
Park West From the $200's
Peridoe on the Greenway
Peridoe on the Greenway From the $300's
Plaza Vu Condos
Plaza Vu Condos From the upper $100's
Preston Flats Condos
Preston Flats Condos $185,000 and Up
The Ratcliffe
The Ratcliffe From the $500's
Renaissance Condos
Renaissance Condos From the $100's
Royal Court Condominiums
Royal Court Condominiums From the $200's
Royal Truss
Royal Truss From the upper $100's
Scott Avenue Townhomes
Scott Avenue Townhomes From the $600's
Sky Terrace Towns
Sky Terrace Towns Coming Soon
Southborough From the $100's
Southend Towns 10 Charlotte Townhomes Historic SouthEnd
Southend Towns From the $300's
SouthGate on Fairview
SouthGate on Fairview From the upper $200's
South Hill
South Hill From the upper $200's
Southpoint At South End
Southpoint At South End From the $300's
Springs Village
Springs Village From the low $300's
Steel Gardens
Steel Gardens From the $200's
Steelhaus From the $100's
The Sterling
The Sterling From the upper $600's
Stonegrove From the $100's
Terraces at Quail Hollow
Terraces at Quail Hollow Starting from the $220's
The Towers At Mattie Rose
The Towers At Mattie Rose From $699,900
Timbre 6
Timbre 6 From the $500's
Tivoli From the upper $100's
The Trademark
The Trademark From the Upper $200's
Tranquil Court
Tranquil Court From the upper $100's
The Tremont
The Tremont From the upper $100's
Uptown West Terraces
Uptown West Terraces From the $300's
The Village of South End
The Village of South End From the $100's
The Village at South Main
The Village at South Main From the $200's
Walnut Hill
Walnut Hill From the $100's
Wendover Heights
Wendover Heights From the $300's
The Williamson
The Williamson From the upper $200's
Woodstone of Elizabeth
Woodstone of Elizabeth From the $300's